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Webinar - Deception & Responder: Poisoning Back

January 25th, 2018 @ 10:00am PDT

Join Cymmetria CTO, Imri Goldberg, for insight into how cyber deception detects and alerts your organization to a Responder (Pass-the-Hash) attack before you even know it's happening in your network. As Responder is a favorite of attackers and pentesters alike, it is especially relevant for financial organizations to protect against it.


Join the webinar for:

  • A brief background on cyber deception, Responder, and Cymmetria's MazeRunner
  • A demo of how MazeRunner monitors for Responder.py across an organization's entire infrastructure
  • Insight into how your organization can use cyber deception to "poison" or "hack back" against the threat actor in your network

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Imri Goldberg

Co-founder & CTO

Imri is currently CTO at Cymmetria. Prior to Cymmetria, he was Founder and CTO of Desti (sold to Nokia in 2014). A former Officer of an elite cyber unit within Unit 8200 (Israel Defense Forces), Imri has innovative, hands-on experience with a strong record of leading design and development of high-tech products. Imri was also just chosen as one of Geektime's Top 10 Most Prominent CTOs and VP R&Ds!


Gain the upper hand with cyber deception

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